Julien Binford: Answering with Color

The University of Mary Washington Galleries is pleased to present the Fall 2023 semester’s Intern Curated Online Exhibition: Julien Binford: Answering with Color. This virtual exhibition was designed, researched, and prepared by UMW Galleries’ Fall 2023 Interns: Gabriella Alexander, Calvin Harned, Logan Kniebbe, and Rowan Tully.


After returning stateside in 1935, Binford and his wife, Elisabeth Bollee, settled in Powhatan County, Virginia. Upon arrival, the couple purchased the ruins of the Old Foundry, an early 19th century structure constructed along the banks of Fine Creek. Elisabeth described the state of the house as “a windy shack with no water, no lights, […]

Religious Art

In a tribute to Julien Binford, dated September 5th, 1997, an unnamed relative wrote “I know that he brought joy to the heart of his God, as well as to the hearts of who saw his work, especially the painting in Shiloh Church.” Binford was a Southern Baptist and, when he moved to Powhatan County, […]

Ungrouped Works

The remaining works in this exhibition are uncategorized and represent varying stylistic periods in Binford’s career, but not all of Julien Binford’s works survive today. Late in his life, the artist began struggling with the aesthetic quality of some of his pieces and decided to take action. Maureen Paige ‘70, Binford’s former student and studio […]


Throughout his artistic career, Julien Binford concerned himself with painting the world as he experienced it directly. From his gouaches in Paris to his sketches of everyday life in Powhatan County, he primarily focused on figurative compositions inspired by his personal environment. However, as the art world saw an insurgence of abstraction in the 1950s […]

Time in Paris

The young Julien Binford did not initially intend on pursuing a career in the fine arts. Instead, he enrolled at Emory University to study at their premedical school. However, while enrolled at the University, Binford developed a proficiency in the renderings of dissections to which Roland McKinney, the then director of the Atlanta High Museum, […]

Elisabeth Bollee de Vautibault

Elisabeth Bollee de Vautibault (1908-1984) was the daughter of Léon Bollée, a French automobile manufacturer who passed away in 1913 and left her a considerable estate. She was the goddaughter to Wilbur Wright, who dedicated his first flight in France to her. In 1927 she married Count Jean Maurice Gilbert de Vautibault and published several […]

Webster Tobacco

Between 1946 and 1948, Julien Binford completed a series of print advertisements for the Webster Tobacco Company entitled the Sunday Cigar Series. The company has since gone out of business, but copies of Binford’s posters and a few of his preparatory sketches still remain today. The two drawings above depict Palm Beach, Florida, one of […]