Peach Blossom

“Of the countless beauties of spring a peach orchard in bloom is among the most breathtaking. Grandiose from a distance, the massed flowers of acres of trees form expanses of delicate pink that are seen no other time of the year.” 


–Fred Wampler


A single branch decorated with vibrant pink flowers cuts across the picture plane. The peach blossom is the state flower of Delaware, and it is often revered for its vivid coloration. Fred Wampler describes the breathtaking beauty of a peach orchard in spring. He also recalls encountering beehives with Maryrose while capturing this scene. The two later learned that orchardists often keep bees in order to promote pollination and to reap the benefits of their delicious honey. If you look close enough you can see a cluster of beehives in the middle ground and a single bee perched atop the central tree branch.