Alison Martin



They/Them, Ceramic,  5½ x 3½ x 7½”



Together, Ceramic, 11 x 8 x 9″



Squatters, Ceramic, 4 x 3 x 6″



Moon, Ceramic, 5½ x 3½ x 9″



Bruise, Ceramic, 3½ x 3 x 4½”


Artist Statement

Inspired by nature, Alison’s work is primarily pinched clay forms that exchange manufactured perfection for organic imperfection. They show restraint and refinement while also being asymmetrical and naturalistic. Her clean and controlled style is contrasted with the unpredictability of clay and glaze. She also has an interest in animals, from the microscopic organisms and small garden dwellers to the larger mammals that catch our eye. Subtle variation between size, form, color, and line are used to reference all aspects of the natural world.