Andy Chen


Four Years and For Years, Ink on Paper, 22×30″



Tavern Of the Worlds, Ink and Marker on Paper, 14 x 17″


Artist Statement

University, a four year experience for me that hasbeen quite the trip.  I’ve experienced and learned many things, but one of the experiences was coming together with friends to make a story and play it out through a little game called “Dungeons and Dragons”.  So when I sat down to think about my four years here, I remembered each session in which I’ve created a character card for, and I was able to amass a collection of over two hundred characters.  I’ve chosen to use only black and white as the main colors to give it a more comic-like aesthetic, and since I‘ve grown up reading many manga, mawha, and manhua, it just seemed right.  Each character has their own story and personality, just like us all, and within this little scenery they share those parts of themselves.  Some characters interact with their friends or companions they came with, while others reach out to other people places with like-minded individuals or just those who share a passion.  Even if it’s a game, or rather people from some made up stories, there’s a bit of something to share and relate to.