Cassidy Clark

The Daughter of ManOil on Canvas, 11 x 14 in.



Red OrchidOil on Canvas, 18 in x 24 in



Garden of EdenPhotographs – Framed: Both 9in x 12in



The Last SupperDigital – Photoshop (3536 px x 1946 px) – Framed: 11 x 18 in



A Fleeting Glimpse, Video

View the video:  A Fleeting Glimpse


Artist Statement

Inspired by the great artists before me, my work is predominately oil paintings along with photographs, sculptures, and digital media that reference male-dominated areas of art. My artwork emanates a sense of historic familiarity ranging from Renaissance to Modern to present-day. Within my work is a mix of feminist concepts presented in a way that directly or indirectly references back to the elements of distinct paintings, style of various artists, and movements of varied time periods with key details pertaining to my own personal life. Could Leonardo Da Vinci create something that only I have perceived in this modern world? I use my artistic talent to integrate the style or elements of a great artist like Leonardo Da Vinci, but from a perspective on things that are important to me.