Patricia Keitz



Unwound, Solarized Rayograph, 8 x 10”



Masked, Gif Set



Masked, Gif Set



Where Am I?, Glitch Art


Wavering, Digital Photograph, 8 x 12”


Artist Statement

Normally, I am a private person. I prefer to hide behind false smiles to avoid revealing pain or personal conflict. Even those closest to me, are rarely aware of when I am struggling. However, give me plaster, clay, film, a laptop or a digital camera, and I am more than willing to put my true thoughts and feelings on display. Where once my fears and insecurities were hidden, now I willingly confront them in my work.

Through my art I can express what my words often fail to. My fears over identity, intimacy, and loss play center stage in the pieces I create. They mold and shape my work even when I am unaware of their presence and through my work, I am able to grapple with my insecurities around them.