Riley M. Gildea


Webs and Walls, Wire and Yarn, 3’x3½’x1½’



Study, Aluminum and Mirror, 3’x6’x4’



A Serving of Life, Stoneware Ceramics,  3 – 10” & 13 – 5” diameter plates



Bowls’ Triptych, Stoneware Ceramics, 1 – 13”x7” & 2 – 5”x3” bowls



Bagpipe Teapot, Stoneware Ceramics, 11”x8”x12”


Artist Statement

My artistic journey is to understand and question what makes humans tick and to use fine craftsmanship to capture my discoveries. I capture the human imprint on everyday objects – a mug, a bowl, a picture – not to explicitly evoke emotion or formulate an experience, but rather to freeze-frame an aspect of humanity. I similarly sculpturally delve into the nature of belonging and into what hinders us from that process.