Sarah J. Kowalewski


Distorted Fantasy, ProCreate, Adobe Photoshop, 43 x 72




Coral, wire, foil, 12 x 24




Horror Icons, Acrylic, 16 x 20



S.U.R.E., Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, 16 x 8



Artist Statement

My work is rooted in the exploration of the real world being hidden by the façade of fantasy and imagination. A building that is well-known to millions of people around the world pushes the idea of imagination and fantasy while also pushing the dark reality that we live in outside of said fantasy. My pieces draw on and heavily reference the world of pop imagery and consumerism by exaggerating color, manipulating the composition, and pushing the limits of resolution. By approaching known subject matter and altering them to create something new and unique, my work reflects how I see and explore the world around me.