Trailing Arbutus

Trailing Arbutus is of particular interest to us because of its rarity in our area as well as for its own special beauty. It is found on only one small tract of hilly land in the entire county. Its preservation is perhaps due to its relative inaccessibility and to the interest that knowledgeable local people have taken. We had to park our car at a friend’s house and backpack our equipment. It was amazing how heavy and awkward a 22”x 28” piece of illustration board becomes in such circumstances!”


–Fred Wampler

Wampler’s representation of the illusive Trailing arbutus gracefully combines elements of flora and fauna. Her irregular cross-section highlights the creeping character of the plant while playfully intermingling a single land snail and a pair of curious field mice. These elements combine to create a strikingly realistic composition. One could even imagine the light, spicy fragrance of the Trailing arbutus so eloquently described by Maryrose’s husband, Fred Wampler.