Helen Mirkil: Conversations

Ridderof Martin Gallery Opening: October 24-December 13, 2002 A renewed interest in art history is a major component of Post-modern art. In this unique exhibition, a respected contemporary artist presents her on-going interactive responses to some of the acknowledged masterpieces from the history of western art.

Studio Art Faculty Exhibition

duPont Gallery Opening September 6-October 6, 2002 Recent works by Mary Washington College art professors Joseph Di Bella, Carole Garmon, Stephen Griffin and Lorene Nickel.

Egg Tempera: An Enduring Tradition

Ridderhof Martin Gallery Opening: August 26-October 11, 2002 The medium of egg tempera was used by the ancient Egyptians, perfected by the Byzantine icon painters, and flourished during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. This Exhibition features egg tempera paintings by contemporary artists who have revitalized the medium by utilizing fresh subject matter and modern […]

Leonardo da Vinci: Artist, Scientist, Engineer

Ridderhof Martin Gallery Opening: March 28-May 26, 2002 A multidisciplinary celebration of the art and science of Leonardo da Vinci in commemoration of the 550th anniversary of his birth. Lectures: A Close Look at two portraits by Leonardo – 7pm, Tuesday April 2, 2002. Why ‘Style,’ Why Now?  Leonardo Through the Looking Glass – 2pm, […]