The University of Mary Washington Galleries is pleased to present the group exhibition Elemental.
Elemental features six artists who investigate the natural elements through various aspects of material, process, form, and content. Brought together through creative and personal connections, these makers showcase a broad array of ceramic expression while also calling attention to humankind’s connection to the natural world.
Although each artist shares conceptual starting points, they approach material and idea through different lenses, further illustrating the complexity and salience of the theme. Andrew Coombs’ vessels reference water through form and function while using fluid glazes and inspiration from ancient Iranian plant imagery for their surfaces. Shanna Fliegel probes notions of the Anthropocene to create richly layered images on clay forms that are simultaneously ancient and futuristic. Jeff Forster’s sculptural remnants evoke geologic time through the interplay of ceramic materials with fire and human forces. Jon McMillan abstracts elements from terrestrial and atmospheric sources, recombining them to create ambiguous sculptures with multiple connotations. Brooke Noble’s porcelain pillows blend references to flora and fauna to investigate everything from environmental concerns to societal cross currents. Kristina Stafford brings together earth and sky, with exposed terra cotta juxtaposing references to plant life, cloud forms and the built environment. Using a diversity of approaches, these artists explore the multi-faceted relationship between humans and nature through a variety of ideas, methods and modes of expression.

is curated by Jon McMillan. It is a concurrent exhibition during Coalescence, the 58th annual conference of the National Council of the Education for the Ceramic Arts, March 20-23, 2024 in Richmond, Virginia.

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