Meant to be looked at.

The University of Mary Washington Galleries is pleased to present the exhibition Meant to be looked at.  Please click HERE to explore the exhibition virtually (many thanks to Alex Lee for making this virtual option possible).

The exhibition was curated by students in ARTH 317: Laboratory in Museum Studies – Katelyn Bonaccorsy, Margaret Copeland, Kayleigh Dugger, Neonya Garner, Fiona Helms, Kendell Jenkins, Ben Kline, Elliot Knell, Alex Lee, Mario Martinez, Olivia McGarity, Cynthia-Rose Seeds, Krissa Thorndike, and Caroline Urove.

Hours & Admission:  

The exhibition will be on view from April 6th through August 3rd, 2023 in the Convergence Gallery, located on the third floor of the Hurley Convergence Center.  Admission is always free. 

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