Senior Exhibition 2024

The University of Mary Washington Galleries is pleased to present the UMW Studio Art Senior Exhibition 2024 on display in the Cedric Rucker University Center from Saturday, April 20th – Sunday, April 28th.

This exhibition showcases the senior thesis works from the following graduating artists: Shanna Aberle, Noah Barrett, Catie Cowger, Maeve Gilmartin, Hayden Griffith, Winston Heron, Blaine Hower, Alicia Johnson, Arden Jones, Abby Kiracofe, Jessey Machado, Grace Martin, Abbey McFarland, Elizabeth Merna, Jenna Montijo, Gwendolyn Narkinsky, Stella Pallasch, Juno Patton, Ashanti Pender, Jenell Poling, Evelyn Ramsey, Robert Roets, Sophia Sirks, Tom Straus, Lauryn Taylor and Kayla Villareal.

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