ART21 Episode 1: Investigation

Thursday, October 9th, 7-8pm Ridderhof Martin Gallery How do artists push beyond what they already know and readily see? Can acts of engagement and exploration be works of art in themselves? In this episode, artists use their practices as tools for personal and intellectual discovery, simultaneously documenting and producing new realities in the process. While […]

ART21 Episode 2: Secrets

Thursday, October 30, 7-8pm Ridderhof Martin Gallery How do artists make the invisible visible? What hidden elements persist in their work? Is it the artist’s role to reveal them, or not? In this episode, artists share some of the secrets that are intrinsic to their work. Elliott Hundley draws inspiration from many sources, including Greek […]

ART21 Episode 3: Legacy

Thursday, November 13, 7-8pm Ridderhof Martin Gallery Why do we break with some traditions and perpetuate others? Artists in this episode use life experiences and family heritage to explore new aesthetic terrain. Inspired by the teachings of Laotzi, by the modern artist Brancusi, and by formative experiences with his family in Germany and India, Wolfgang […]

ART21 Episode 4: Fiction

Thursday, November 20th, 7-8pm Ridderhof Martin Gallery What makes a compelling story? How do artists disrupt everyday reality in the service of revealing subtler truths? This episode features artists who explore the virtues of ambiguity, mix genres, and merge aesthetic disciplines to discern not simply what stories mean, but how and why they come to […]

Public Lecture: Dito Morales

Dito Morales presents: Out of the Cave: Latin American Art at the Heart of Creation Melchers Hall, Room 107 Wednesday, September 24, 2014