Theobroma Cacao (Food of the Gods): Depictions of Cacao and Chocolate from the Collection of Jack J. Ward and Animal Portraits by Nancy Soyer

Ridderhof Martin Gallery 

March 17-June 5, 2005

Opening Reception: 5-7pm, March 17, 2005

This exhibition explores the history of chocolate and how it is made through the collection of Jack J. Ward, a chocolate importer who has spent a career working with companies throughout the world to bring this decadent treat to the U.S. Various depictions of the cacao flower and pod will be displayed, including photos, prints, wood, watercolor, ceramics and glass.

Canine Portraits features vibrant paintings of dogs by Nancy Soyer, a Brooklyn-based artist who works from photographs to create portraits of animals. In addition to being part of numerous private collections, her paintings have been displayed at the Phoenix Gallery and Art Students’ League in New York and the Feral Art Gallery in Brooklyn.

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