Ungrouped Works

The remaining works in this exhibition are uncategorized and represent varying stylistic periods in Binford’s career, but not all of Julien Binford’s works survive today. Late in his life, the artist began struggling with the aesthetic quality of some of his pieces and decided to take action. Maureen Paige ‘70, Binford’s former student and studio assistant, describes an instance of the artist burning a number of his older works in a bonfire. Although urged by those around him to preserve his works, an unknown number were lost. However, upon request, Binford agreed not to destroy additional pieces if disclaimers were written on the back. For example, the piece to the left has “Not to be sold as a Julien Binford work” written across the back of the board.

Julien Binford, Untitled (figure in red shirt), oil paint on board, promised gift of Maureen Paige, L.2023.MP213.

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