Religious Art

Ridderhof Martin Gallery October 21, 1999 – February 6, 2000. A collection of contemporary American art in which the artists xpress spiritual issues in a variety of mediums. The ten representational artists use religious themes, symbolic still-life arrangements, landscapes and sculpture to illustrate a positive point of view about the current state of contemporary religion […]

Nancy Spero: “Sheela Does Fredericksburg”

Ridderhof Martin Gallery Opening: October 5-December 15, 2000 A superb collection of works on paper, video and installation pieces by internationally acclaimed New York- based artist Nancy Spero. Inspired by both classical and modern sources and concentrating on the depiction of women, Spero’s works have given exquisite form to feminist issues for over forty years.

“Caught in the Act”: Portraits of the Artist at Work by Phyllis Ridderhof Martin

Ridderhof Martin Gallery Opening: August 28-September 24, 2000 Self-portraits and images of women artists and art students in the act of painting are common themes in Ridderhof Martin’s work. Drawn from Mary Washington College’s permanent collection, many of these paintings, drawings and sketches are shown publicly for the first time.

Out of Print: British Printmaking 1946-1976

January 22 – March 21 This exhibition was organized by the British Council and circulated by Curatorial Assistance Inc. It includes 76 prints by 34 artists by 34 artists whose images helped the artistic production of the post- WWII era. Some featured artists include David Hockney, Richard Hamilton and R.B. Kitaj.

Leon Golub: Solo Exhibition

October 2 – December 15 Representing thirty years of the artist’s solo work, this exhibit addresses several of the social commentary themes of this important, internationally acclaimed artist: power, violence, injustice and angst at the end of the millennium. Works from the artist’s New York studio.

Margaret Sutton Cathedral Drawings

Ridderhof Martin Gallery August 17 – September 13 In the 1970s and 80s New York artist Margaret Sutton (1905- 1990) created 900 drawings of British cathedrals and palaces. Few have ever been exhibited. Now Prof. Jean Ann Dabb, a specialist in medieval architectre, chooses and comments on a group she finds most interesting.