Cora Freeman

Ceramic Pot

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ceramic, glaze and stain, 2020, 7 x 9 "

Artist Statement

As a kid, I always enjoyed drawing and making sculptures out of random things that my mom would let me ruin but making pottery in high school really began my compulsion or almost obsession to make things. Pottery was something that I was good at and I spent hours at the community rec center making work. Spending so much time in the studio helped me not only quickly understand the technical aspects of working with clay but also helped me established my sense of self within my work. Establishing a sense of self within my artwork has given me the power to expand further into other forms of craft art such as textiles and embroidery making my voice be heard through many different mediums. With a voice within my art work, I am able to assert a strong feminine presence transforming traditional roles of women in craft art into viewable and functional fine art.

I love the work of Roberto Lugo, he recognizes the impact art can have on communities and often focuses on the “misrepresented” in our communities. His video, Ghetto, is very impactful and I find so interesting that unlike many other artists, Lugo does not stray away from his roots, he embraces them. This is something that I aim to emulate in my work as well. By using craft forms of art that were often thought of as “women’s work” I strive to make functional work with abstract surface designs informing viewers of the reclamation of “women’s work” in art.