Kelli Schooler

Where Do I Fit?

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Oil on panel; acrylic on panel, 2020, 30”x40”, 9.5”x7.5”

Artist Statement

A lot of the time, I think making art is more about process than product. From start to finish, an idea presents itself and encourages the questioning of material, concept, relation, time, space, and impact. The curiosity I have about trying new ideas and exploring materials is a driving force behind my creativity. 

Exploring requires risk and results in discovery; if nothing new is tried, nothing new is gained. The layering of questions and discoveries that exist in the creative process produce limitless possibilities. From these, inspiration can be taken to form an artistic thought. 

The process of discovery runs continuously. I think there is courage, power, and wonderment in recognizing the value of an idea and developing it to its fullest potential. I willingly and excitedly commit to designing a curious creative life and purposeful personal life. I hope to always answer the call of ‘what if’ instead of being paralyzed by ‘what if’.