Ryan Lopez


Artist Statement

I am a being in a constant state of becoming.As an artist I resource my existence by a tenacious sense of survival, reveling between the borderlines of the ‘past, present, and future’. Each project overlaps its predecessor. I wander in wonder on the brink of the unknown. The incomprehensible self-awareness of our own sentience accommodates multiple perspectives embedded in the structure, production, and interactions of knowledge. 

Through the progression of time, the deep significance of epistemological shifts result from a global population’s translation of shared disparate experiences. The intrinsic intimacy of language calls out the key to the human species’ survival our protean nature… Ever-evolving attitudes and beliefs in the wake of changing conditions illustrates our most primal response as we navigate the unknown.  I want to excavate my creative process with a focus on linking the displacement of art stuck between digital / physical spaces that it occupies.