Emily Pawlica

6 feet apart

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white earthenware, 2020, 12" x 72” x 4”

Artist Statement

My work embraces the beauty and rawness of the feminine figure and feminine experience. By drawing inspiration from ancient and contemporary artwork, my work carries elements of past and present. I pay close attention to the function of historical works of art: how they were used, where they were used, by whom they were used, and incorporate these purposes throughout my creative process. I strive to cultivate acceptance and awareness throughout my body of work, by exploring the natural processes, functions, and appearances of the female body.

Figure and function find their place in my ceramic pieces, while my paintings capture intimate moments of memory and comfortability with self. The exploration of the feminine figure, and the relationship and internal dialogue with self is integral and evident in my work. Each piece is reminiscent of a moment or experience of being a woman. Natural pigments found in various clay bodies and paints, as well as forms and textures from the body and the earth help me to create a bond between the innate natural world and my work. By using material pulled from the earth, I create pieces that reveal the origin of their material and that mimic natural designs and functions. Each work reflects the intimacy of its creation and its content.