Tess Hatton

Maggie May

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oil on canvas, 2020, 30”x24”

Artist Statement

I create art as a form of expression of the self and of the lived human experience.  Through portraiture, I share my perspective and capture the peculiarities of human perception in general.  My work says “this is how I see you; this is what I know of you.”  I see the world as beautiful.  I also see it as humorous, and strange, and sad, and terrifying, and I believe all of these things are able to coexist, and show that in my work.

I explore the intersection of conflicting concepts such as life and death or beauty and decay, as well as the idea of representing a subject beyond just physical appearance.  Sharing my view of the world also involves the intangible: not just my thoughts and feelings, but also those of the subject and the audience.  In a way, all of my work is a self-portrait in that it is an expression of my experience of the world and its inhabitants.  I try to find humor and beauty in all parts of human experience, from life through death. We live lives that are just as absurd and unsettling as they are beautiful and dramatic, and the art I make reflects that.

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