Natalie Eaton


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LED backlit cyanotypes, 2020, 9 x 11" ea

Artist Statement

I have three distinguishable bodies of work in video, photography and printmaking which draw inspiration from the internet and the digital world around me,  especially the geometric patterns and bright color palettes from video games, as well as the work of contemporary graphic designers.

I think a lot about ‘what has been done before’ and what is predictable. At this point, the hard part of art is doing something different. My approach to overcoming this is to create something that only I can create — art about myself.

I have a fascination with relationships. My own experiences drive me, but I also love to see and react to art that depicts what others have been through. The exchange of stories that takes place between the viewer and the art is why I make what I make. While I want the art that I create to be interesting with or without context, I always hope that my viewers will be able to either understand my story or insert their own into it. I hope that people can not only spend time with my work, but have a conversation with it.